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List of usages that the people are finding to NFC tags.
If you have posted a blog with the things you have done, feel free to add it here.

In addition, you can find the list of NFC apps available for Android here: nfc-apps

NFC Recipes

Recipe Source Author Description
Bed Time Android Police Cameron Summerson Uses a switch setup with Task Launcher to put the phone in sleep mode: ringer volume 2, notification volume2, enable auto-brightness and then the following switch puts it back to normal.
Going Riding Android Police Cameron Summerson Switch to go for a ride with your bike. Activates bluetooth for ear plugs, disables wifi, launches the bike app tracker, ringer and notification volumes to 2, media volume to 6. Using a switch with Task Launcher you can put the other switch to go to your normal status.
In The Car Android Police Cameron Summerson Used when getting in the car. Disables the wifi, puts media volume to 13 and launch Play Music. You may want to activate the GPS and an app if you often use it. Another option is to put it as the second switch.
Car with GPS Norbert Rovira Used with Tasker. Creates a switch to activate GPS, load the Waze app and activate Bluetooth for hand free speaker in the car. As you are using Tasker you need a very low number of bytes to be stored in the tag, so that works for example with those that can only store around 110 bytes. The second switch restores the status. Although you need to root your phone to be able to close an app. In my case -not rooted- it stays in the background.
Contact Norbert Rovira You can store any of your contacts in a tag. It stores in fact a VCARD. You usually can select any of the fields you want to include. Be careful with the amount of info. I recommend that you use the MIFARE 1k tag type to ensure you have enough space. With other cards, in a hundred of bytes you can only store your name, email and phone at best.

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