NFC Android apps
name website description
NFC Task Launcher Tagstand Launcher site The most complete and complex. Let's you create tags as switches on/off cycling through them, first executes some actions and second time others (can be to deactivate what you activated first, but in fact anything else). Can trigger tasker tasks to get full power. They are currently working on options to share tags, in fact it sends a link to a repository in their site where the receiver can collect the tag through the app, of course.
NFC Writer Tagstand Writer site Good to write simple actions that are usually coded as an URI. A foursquare check-in, a contact, open a link,…but more should be included (as of March 2013)
NFC TagWriter by NXP NXP TagWriter site NXP is the main provider of the NFC technology. The app allows to create the normal content: contact, bookmark, lpain text, sms, mail, phone number, geolocation, launch an app…but the best functionality are in the tools part. You can erase content, clean (set the tag to factory default), and protect the content (read-only or permanent)
NFC TagInfo by NFC Research Lab Hagenberg Lab site Let's you inspect the content of any tags or cards using the technology. People get amazed looking at their passport!
NFC TagInfo by NXP NXP TagInfo site Let's you inspect the content of tags, cards and anything using NFC technology. Nothing shown for encrypted cards, of course.
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